SRHR Project

Our Approach

ECDO has been Promoting SRHR in Gulu District for 3 years now, focusing on the school going children and school drop outs.

Our major targets in primary schools are the school going children of the age 9 to 16 years. We train them on SRHR and involve in school debates.

We also support the adolescents’ girls with sanitary towels (pads) and incinerators in schools.

Our total reaches since 2014

The training is done in phases. Phase one was on SRHR where the girls trained on topics covering the following areas;

  • Growth and development
  • Sexual abuses
  • Concepts of family planning
  • Personal hygiene

Out of School Girls and Boys

Year No. of out of School Teenagers Enrolled No. of Out of Schools Teenagers Completed SRHR Training No. of Out of School Teenagers Completed Skill Training Total No. that completed both Training
Sex Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys
2014 15 0 15 0 15 0 15 0
2015 15 10 15 10 15 8 15 8
2016 23 0 18 0 18 0 18 0
2017 24 0 23 0        


In School Program

Since 2014, we have reached 1,800 school going children on SRHR in seven (7) schools. Each year we train 600 school going children.

With the adolescents in schools, GECDSO has chosen debate as a method of disseminating messages on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.