SCORE Project

ECDO has been implementing this project with support from AVSI Foundation in Amuru District in Northern Uganda since August 2016.

Under this project we have activities like:

  1. Early Childhood Development (ECD)
  2. Life skills training among the youths
  3. Parenting Skills training


Child protection and legal services

  • To ensure secure and safety environment in the CPGs.
  • To professionally coordinate and report to the service providers such as child protection unit in the police, Probation Officers, Local council, CDO any form of child abuse that cannot be handled by  the Officers or care giversat the CPGs.
  • Provide alternative and complementary approaches in child protection and legal services of proper intervention through community dialogue and awareness creation as a mitigating strategy to support the development of children in Amuru District in the SCORE project.

Early Childhood Development

  • To set, improve and align standards for ensuring access to all vulnerable children in Amuru District in the SCORE project.
  • Initiate and mange community led ECD programs and services like CPGs and ECD centers among others.
  • To coordinate with the District Officials of Amuru.
  • Support the early detection of disability and vulnerability in the SCORE project in Amuru through referrals to engage appropriate interventions to address the challenges in the development of children in Amuru District.
  • To build and strengthen capacity of the systems and structures to deliver the integrated quality and inclusive ECD project in Pabo and Amuru Sub-county.
  • To ensure that all children in Amuru from conception to 8 years of age grow and develop to their full potential.
  • Support and augment parent’s efforts in improving the quality of services provided for the children in Amuru District.
  • Mobilize adequate resources to enhance children’s holistic development and to safeguard their rights.
  • Conduct ECD dialogues to set cultural and social norms to guide parents and facilitators in socializing and conducting active play sessions in the CPGs for proper development including spirituals and moral values in the VCs in the SCORE project.
  • Form Community Play Groups (CPGs) to promote ECD project in Amuru District through community participatory approach.
  • To train all the ECD facilitators who are local resident of Amuru District that will supervised and be care giver in the CPGs for the children.
  • Conduct plays with the ECD children in the CPGs to enhance their physical, social,emotional and intellectual development.
  • Create awareness among the communities at Sub County, Parish and village level where ECD project activities are being implemented.
  • To identify the locations of beneficiaries in the two Sub Counties of Amuru and Pabbo for easy accessibility during the implementation period.
  • Develop a work plan for the project activities within the time frame of the project.



Our Approach

We work with Local Leaders and the Communities creating awareness on ECD and forming Community Play Groups for children between the ages 1 to 8 years old. These children together with their parents and caregivers are taken through the formal education setup.

We also train parents on parenting skills and youth on life skills.

Since August 2016, we have reached 2,776 people and trained 278 Households on ECD program.

Currently, we are working in two Sub counties in Amuru district i.e. Pabbo and Amuru Sun-county and we have formed Five (5) Community Play Groups (CPGs) in each Sub county totaling to ten (10) Community Play Groups (CPGs).

Each group is having a total of 35 Children between the age of 1 to 8 years, and 3 Facilitators that are responsible for the organization of these groups during play sessions and coordination with ECDO Project Officers.