About Us


An elevated, empowered, and revitalized gender responsive community, with improved education, health, and nutrition system, facilities and services.


To promote early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE), Health Care and Nutrition services (HCN), improve economic status of women and youth and reduce Gender Based Violence (GBV) among communities in Gulu and Amuru districts.

General Objective

To empower the community to deliver quality ECD services, hold campaigns on HIV/AIDS prevention and positive living among children, women, and youths, improve on the quality  of nursery teachers/caregivers; improve on health, sanitation, nutrition facilities in the ECD Centres/Primary schools; advocate for girl child education; and reduce gender based violence (GBV).

Specific Objectives

  • To disseminate information on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) To the communities
  • To form health debating clubs in Primary and Secondary schools
  • To train youth on Social-Economic Empowerment.
  • To hold community dialogues in order to sensitize communities against stereotypes
  • To train proprietors/teachers of nursery and primary schools and community leaders on the ECD policy and to be able implement ECD interventions and programs through recurrent workshops/seminars
  • To set up a recognised nursery/caregivers’ training college for institutional capacity building and a model demonstration ECD Centre in the district;
  • To set up a recognised centre for orphans and disadvantaged children, and offer them basic needs and requirements
  • To promote the development of Educational materials from local available resources to improve on the literacy level in both the local language and English.
  • To advocate for and promote girl child education in Uganda.
  • To hold campaigns on HIV/AIDS prevention from Mother to Child.
  • To promote Health, Nutrition and Sanitation programs in ECD centres and child care institutions.
  • To continuously hold refresher workshops/seminars with caregivers on the implementation of the Learning Framework and policy guidelines in ECD.
  • To advocate against Gender Based Violence (GBV) in communities.